Customer experience

Customer Experience is becoming the most important differentiator in industries.

Customer experience

Flowresulting designs an exceptional Customer Experience for your company.

Results we achieve for our clients are demonstrable improvement in customer satisfaction while lower cost of customer service.Our approach provides answers to customer questions such as:How do we reduce costs by preventing unnecessary customer contact, without reducing customer satisfaction?

- How do we design a digital customer journey that will really make customers happy?
- How do we ensure that digital high tech processes as much as possible feel ‘high touch’?
- Which customer contacts do you need to digitize and which not?
- How can we facilitate employees with technology to really make a difference?
- How can we convert customer data into better service and efficiency?
- How do we take our internal organization to achieve the ideal customer journey every day?

Exceptional customer journey, online & offline

Hundreds of customer journey processes have taught us what it takes to design a customer journey that really gets customers excited. In a Customer Journey Sprint® we help companies to demonstrably improve a customer journey (in just 4 weeks). Humanizing digital – We pay a lot of attention how you can optimally combine “high tech” with “high touch”. How do you also give the customer a personal “close-by” experience in a digital environment? Fact based – We quantify how much a better customer experience delivers. In this way we ensure better investment decisions and we prevent long discussions that are the result of divergent personal beliefs.

Efficient customer service

To keep customer experience affordable, we help to prevent “unnecessary” customer contact. For example, by serving customers not just on their tips and giving them insight into the process. Of course self-service plays an important role in reducing costs. We no longer see self-service as a means to reduce costs. Because self-service as an option is increasingly becoming the norm: customers expect to be able to arrange (almost) everything easily at a timeframe that suits them. An intelligent “customer-contact-strategy” in which self-service plays an important role is based on insight into the value of the contacts between your customers and your organization, both for them and for you. Flowresulting helps companies accomplish a fast and smooth transition to digital channels. This reduces your costs without compromising on customer satisfaction.

Organization that delivers

Designing exceptional customer experience is one thing, realizing it every day is something else. Flowresulting helps to build customer-oriented organizations. To achieve the ideal customer journey, employees need to feel responsible for the customer experience, know how they can influence it and be enabled to do so. Technology can play an important role in facilitating employees, so their service level to customers become higher. We know how to smartly set up customer feedback policy so that continuous improvement based on customer needs becomes the standard. These success criteria are reflected in the Employee Journey approach of flowresulting, which help companies build an organization that actually lives up to the promise.