Value proposition

Flowresulting is expert in designing optimal value propositions

Value proposition

Business Model innovation

You do not have to invent a new business model, you need to find it
The key challenge is to gain insight into potential business models and what they could mean for your company. What opportunities and threats do the various business models offer, short-term and long-term? In our approach we apply proven patterns to innovate your business model.

Innovation is one of the key drivers to stay ahead. The ‘job to be done’ of the customer is always at the very core of our projects. And from this perspective we look at how we can make things better, easier or cheaper. Responding to trends and/or using new technology. Companies perform better when they innovate their business model in time. Because ‘just keep doing what we do best: we’re currently making profit anyway’ is not always a sensible attitude. Flowresulting helps you to stay in the lead in a world that is changing faster than ever before.

Fact-based proposition development based on 'jobs to be done'

A successful new proposition helps customers to get their job done better, easier and cheaper
The ‘job that the customer wants to do, taking into account the situation’ is central. The analysis of this ‘job’ offers plenty of ammunition for new solutions. Where is the dissatisfaction originating from with respect to existing solutions? Which components are making the current solutions expensive while representing little value for the customer (taking value out)?

Trends, technological and market developments as fuel for innovation
The problem will always be analyzed from different perspectives. How can technology help to get the job done better or cheaper? Which legislative changes may create a new dynamic? Which trends will provide a lasting changing need?

From added value, to assigned value
Adding value to a proposition is not difficult. It is more complex to understand for which products or services customers are willing to pay extra (assigned value), but crucial in developing successful propositions. We demonstrate this in our innovation projects and help to launch new distinctive propositions for which customers are willing to pay.

Assortment strategy for more sales and improved margins

An assortment based on a keen understanding of customer needs and willingness to pay will deliver more sales and better margins. A smart arranged product assortment uses psychological mechanisms. A typical example is a ‘Good-Better-Best’ approach for packaging and pricing.

A narrow assortment to keep (operational) costs low, but sufficient choice to serve the most interesting target groups
Three main reasons apply for keeping the assortment narrow: Costs, operational complexity and stressful customer decision making process. However, a risk exists that interesting target groups will not choose for you by offering too little choice. Well, how do you make the right decision? Key is to gain insight into the willingness to pay from different target groups for the different elements of the assortment.

Begin with the insight into the ‘willingness to pay’ for the propositions and proposition elements
Flowresulting uses different quantitative techniques, such as a conjoint analysis, to gain insight into the ‘willingness to pay’ for the proposition (elements). Follow-up analyses can be performed to determine the best composition of the assortment.

Distinguish standard elements and add-ons

Flowresulting uses the “leader, filler, killer” analysis to determine which capabilities are essential (leaders) as well as which elements have less (filler) or even negative value (killer). By comparing costs against the interested target group, insights will be gained into the elements that are interesting within a package as well as the elements that can serve as add-ons.

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