Digitization and new technology offers enormous opportunities for companies to increase relevancy for customers. Flowresulting helps companies to spot those opportunities in an early stage and to grow faster.

In times of technological innovation and changing customer needs, companies must constantly ask themselves whether they are active in the right part of the market. The most important question “where to play” determines to a large extent the strategy of a company.
Flowresulting helps companies to answer this question: where are the opportunities, and with which proposition and positioning do we hit the spot?

What are the strategic opportunities and how can we make disruption work for us?

Many markets are turned upside down by new technological opportunities. Those who recognize too late what impact they have run great risks. Whoever realizes its potential on time, can grab great opportunities. We help companies to make disruption work for themselves. By renewing proposition, positioning or business model. Our approach is characterized by the fact that we link technological developments and market trends with in-depth analyzes of customer needs. Because technology is never a goal in itself. Successful disruption occurs only when there is a better solution is offered to customers than what is available in the market.

What is the best design for our proposition?

Many companies seek growth by investing in better quality of their proposition and service. But that is no guarantee of success. Perhaps you can achieve much more with slightly less service at a lower price.A winning proposition offers the unique combination of product, service and brand that represents the maximum value for the target group. We help companies to make the right decision and thus grow faster.

A winning proposition starts with insight into the value that a customer assigns to the various parts of the proposition. Insight in the current value, but also into the value of possible new features and services.

Flowresulting offers substantive expertise and the necessary research techniques based on which questions are answered such as:

  • Which composition of the proposition offers the most added value in the eyes of the customer and which composition is the most profitable?
  • What influence does the brand have on the customers purchasing decision?
  • To what extent does the assigned value differ per target group?
  • Which differentiation in the supply leads to the largest possible market share and minimizes cannibalization?
  • Which benefits should we emphasize in our marketing communication?

What is a successful distinctive positioning?

What does our brand stand for, in which are we distinctive, and how do we ensure that (potential) customers know and experience this? The answer to these questions are the basics for customer preference and is the most effective weapon against price competition. We help companies to develop a distinctive and credible positioning. Good positioning requires choices. Because: “If you try to be everything to everybody, you end up being nothing to anybody.” Yet we often see that positioning becomes visible in abstract slogans that give customers little guidance. Customer promises are a proven concept of our company to prevent this.

Customer promises offer various benefits:

  • Customer promises help customers choose for you
  • Customer promises lead to higher customer ratings
  • Customer promises increase the chances of service recovery
  • Customer promises provide direction and keep organizations sharp