We are flowresulting

We help companies grow with hands-on advice on Strategy, Customer Experience and Pricing.

We believe in services that make companies more beautiful, for customers and for employees. Flowresulting works for large companies and multinationals  in various Dutch markets and abroad in Europe. We do this in our own way: fanatic, solid and with an eye for the entire organization. We are proud that we have been one of the highest-rated consultancy firms in the Netherlands for many years.

NPS flowresulting 2021 | +80

We are proud of it!

We help organizations to make their services more beautiful, for customers and employees. Customer feedback is an essential fuel to get there. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a common used measuring tool for service, which we often use in advisory processes. And of course, when it comes to our own services. We are proud of our +80 NPS in 2021!

Our team

Anders Jansen


What makes customers feel connected with each other, with employees or with an organization ...

Ed Ram

Founding partner

I like to make people enjoy themselves. When you give, you receive.

Joris Bogers


Since a young age, I have been interested in analysing customer experience.

Manon de Rijk

HR & Office Manager

It gives me a lot of energy to contribute to concrete improvements that affect many people.

Marc Westeneng

Founding partner

My personal motto is: Never stop wondering. Because wondering - asking yourself why things are the way they are – brings so many insights.

Maties van Voorthuizen


At flowresulting I help organizations to grow by answering the questions: where to play, how to win and how to make it work.

Marten Korver


In addition to my passion for both marketing and strategy, I get a lot of energy from understanding complex issues and thereby improving customer focus.

Matthijs Vink


Do you compete in the right field and in the right place as an organization?

Robin Keus


The psychology behind peoples actions and choices intriges me. It gives me a lot of energy using those insights to help organzations grow.

Roel Reukers


For me, working at flowresulting means: making customers happy, continuously developing myself and having a lot of fun.

Ruth van Willigen


At flowresulting I take up the challenge to work with clients to see how they can really make a difference for their customers.

Sebastian Glosemeyer


With my passion for marketing strategy, my goal is to make organizations more successful.