Digitization and new technology offers enormous opportunities for companies to increase relevancy for customers. Flowresulting helps companies to spot those opportunities in an early stage and to grow faster.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience is becoming the most important differentiator in more and more industries. Flowresulting designs an exceptional Customer Experience for your company. We know how technology can contribute and are the Dutch expert in customer journeys.


Pricing is the most underrated marketing tool for profitability. It is crucial to understand the value structure of your proposition  to optimize pricing. Flowresulting offers insights and helps to develop a winning strategy.

NPS flowresulting 2021 | +80

We are proud of it!

We help organizations to make their services more beautiful, for customers and employees. Customer feedback is an essential fuel to get there. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a common used measuring tool for service, which we often use in advisory processes. And of course, when it comes to our own services. We are proud of our +80 NPS in 2021!


Question presented to flowresulting: how do we ensure growth in market share and margin in the price-sensitive car maintenance market? Flowresulting advised to investigate the potential of value-based pricing as a lever for growth.


IPP is one of the leading pallet poolers in Europe and ships over 50 million pallets each year to customers throughout Western Europe. The company is part of the Faber Halbertsma group, a family owned business with a history since 1891. IPP asked flowresulting to advise the company in defining its Pan European brand positioning.


Dutch insurer Interpolis introduced a new service for companies: ‘CyberInZicht’ (cyber insights). This service is new in the Dutch market, which comes with a challenge: how should such a new service be priced? Interpolis approached the pricing experts of flowresulting with this question.


Ambition SEAT: to strengthen its position as a distinctive car brand in the Dutch automotive market. Question to flowresulting: support the development of a growth strategy that results in a profitable and sustainable market position for dealers, importer and OEM.


With over 4,3 million members, the ANWB (Dutch traveler’s association) is the largest association in the Netherlands and, besides the largest banks, one of the largest providers of credit cards. ANWB offers two different credit cards and was contemplating whether this was the optimal offering.


Our clients

Flowresulting works for large companies and multinationals  in various Dutch markets and abroad in Europe.
We are mainly active in the automotive and financial sector.


Would you like to know more about working with flowresulting? Contact us, we are happy to come by!

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